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August 1996

Canoe length 3 metres

Engraved Stone height 1 metre. Kilkenny Limestone

Ardencraig Road, Catlemilk, Glasgow G45 9US


A sculpture to mark the entrance to Glen Wood, a valley of mature trees running through Castlemilk.

Designed after projects with Castlemilk Local History Group and local school pupils.

The establishment of the Castlemilk housing estate in the late 1950’s swept away nearly all traces of previous occupation of the area, although there are records of significant archeological finds. One of the most unusual discoveries was the base of a 10 foot boat, unearthed in 1836 and taken to Kelvingrove Museum where it was dated at 2-3000 years old. It is now lost.

The sculpture takes the form of a 10 foot long canoe and symbol stone, made in Kilkenny Limestone. This symbolically “returns” the canoe to its origin and provides a link with a past about which little is known. The canoe is “tethered” to a stone engraved with the images devised with the school children.

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