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The Foundry

1981    30 x 8 metres

Emulsion paints.

Bonnybridge, Sirlingshire.

Original location FK4 2BH Demolished 1996

Printed reproduction visible on exterior wall, Bonnybridge Community Education Centre FK4 1AA

Paul Grime, David Wilkinson and Jim Mooney

Commissioned by Smith and Wellstood, Iron Founders.

Funding assistance from Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Development Agency

The Saltire Society Award for Art in Architecture, 1981 (prize shared with Eduardo Paolozzi)

By the mid 1990's the mural was in very poor condition. The foundry closed and the building hosting the mural was demolished in 1996.

In late 2015 a new resident in Bonnybridge, Paul Cortopassi, contacted me. An enthusiastic member of Greenhill Historical Society, he was trying to raise funds to have a large exterior print made of the mural. He supplied me with a couple of very good digital images and I filled in the missing gaps with scans from my transparencies, to produce a very high quality image of the work.


The result of Paul Cortopassi's impressive efforts is mounted on the exterior wall of the Bonnybridge Community Education Centre, about 150 metres away from the site of the original work. The printed version includes a key to the portraits of the workers featured in the mural. 

More images and text can by accessed here.

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